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ECSB/ISBE Webinar series 2020 continues with an interesting webinar “Publishing for Gender and Entrepreneurship Scholars” with editors of journals on 29 April 2020 at 1:00 pm CEST. The webinar offers a great opportunity to learn from three of the leading experts in the field of gender and entrepreneurship authorship and publishing. You are warmly welcome to join us! 


Prof. Susan Marlow in her talk will focus on crafting a publication strategy – for this, she intends to explore differing forms of publications and how they fit into CVs [chapters, articles, conference papers]. She will then briefly discuss articles in terms of how to target the right journal, and finally will share her thoughts on what she looks for in an article for it to get through the desk reject stage.

Susan Marlow is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University Of Birmingham. As a previous Vice President for research at ISBE, she initiated the RAKE research fund with support from the ESRC and Barclays Bank. Her current research focuses upon entrepreneurship with a particular interest in gender issues and entrepreneurial processes with her work published in leading UK and US journals; she is a field editor for Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Editor for the International Small Business Journal and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her overall contribution to this field has been recognised through the Queens Award for Enterprise and as a Fellow of ISBE.

Prof. Patricia Lewis in her talk will focus on publications and specifically discuss the notions of theoretical framing, theoretical contribution, what does joining a scholarly conversation mean, and will explain the strategy of aligning your article submission with a particular journal, all considered in relation to Gender, Work and Organization.

Patricia Lewis is Professor of Management at University of Kent. Her research is located in the broad area of Gender and Organisation Studies. Patricia has sought to make visible the way in which organisations, leaders & entrepreneurs are subject to and constituted by gendered cultural norms and how such constitution contributes to inequality. Her current work on postfeminism is influencing the intellectual agenda of the gender and organizations field acting as a catalyst for a developing stream of research in the area. She is a Head of People, Management and Organisation Department, and a Co-Editor of Gender, Work and Organization Journal. 

Prof. Ulla Hytti in her talk will focus on the her role as an Associate Editor of Journal of Small Business Management. Specifically in her talk she will focus on how to deal with an editor’s decision – whether it is “Revise and Resubmit” or a Rejection. She will also focus on the specifics of qualitative methodology-based articles, and what level of rigour Editors expect from this type of submission.

Ulla Hytti is Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Turku and Head of Section in the Entrepreneurship Unit. Ulla is a recipient of European Entrepreneurship Education Award 2019. She studies entrepreneurship education and strongly contributed to the construction of a European research community focused on entrepreneurship education through ECSB and beyond. She studied entrepreneurial identity construction and identity work in new ventures and family businesses; gender in entrepreneurship, innovation and family firms; and investigated policies supporting entrepreneurship development, most notably entrepreneurship education and incubators. She is an Associate Editor of Journal of Small Business Management.


How to participate?

Participation in the webinar is free for ECSB and ISBE members, but a registration is required. Please, register by 28 April on You will receive a confirmation email for your registration and the link to join the webinar after your registration has been approved by the administrator.