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ECSB is proud to host a webinar “Entrepreneurship by design: a pedagogy of making for entrepreneurial education” with Dr. Luca Iandoli on Wednesday 16 March at 3.00-4.00 pm (CET).

Entrepreneurship by Design is a pedagogic approach to entrepreneurship education to help transform creative ideas and early-stage business concepts into viable products and services. The approach also helps designers, inventors, and developers adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to identify business opportunities when creating new products and technology solutions through a unique mix combining design and business development toolkits. The method aims to help both groups to reduce the gap between ideas and markets. On the entrepreneurs’ side, the gap typically originates around either lack of sufficient user research and experimentation or deficiency in design skills. On the designers’ side, the gap is due to the inability to identify business opportunities arising from the design process itself. The proposed method develops around a framework that combines the following ingredients:
1. Empathy and Human-Centered Design
2. Entrepreneurial Creativity as ambivalent mindset and collective intelligence
3. The development of Makers’ skills grounded on prototyping and effectuation mentality
4. Design Science: the importance of product aesthetics and the understanding of how much complexity the users want

Human-Centered Design help entrepreneurs find the right balance between the desirability, technical feasibility, and business viability of a product. Entrepreneurial Creativity supports ways to find meaningful and attractive problems and to hone creative skills through apparently inconsistent behaviors. Prototyping will push entrepreneurs outside of their comfort zone to validate their ideas or change them based on higher awareness of technical and user constraints. It will also foster an experiential approach towards entrepreneurship. Finally, Design Science help entrepreneurs to become aware of the importance of good Design and aesthetics to improve user experience.

Dr. Luca Iandoli is Associate Dean for Global and Online Programs at St. John’s University, College of Professional Studies, and an Professor in the Division of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Science. He has published +150 papers on the analysis of interfirm collaboration, collective intelligence in online networks, and digital entrepreneurship, serving as a member of the editorial board of several academic journals. Dr. Iandoli’s current research focus is on collective intelligence, interaction design, and product aesthetics, and their application to the development of innovative products and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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