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Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship  Research

A collection of best papers from the annual RENT Conference are to be found in the ECSB Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship Research (RENT Anthologies).

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Anthology XVII Pierluigi Rippa, Cyrine Ben-Hafaïedh, Agnieszka Kurczewska, Mario Raffa and Mirela Xheneti (eds.) (2022) The Role of Ecosystems in Developing Startups

Anthology XVI Eddy Laveren, Cyrine Ben-Hafaïedh, Agnieszka Kurczewska, and Yi Dragon Jiang (eds.) (2021) Contextual Heterogeneity in Entrepreneurship Research

Anthology XV Eddy Laveren, Robert Blackburn, Cyrine Ben-Hafaïedh, Cristina Díaz-García and Ángela González-Moreno (eds.) (2020) Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Anthology XIV Eddy Laveren, Robert Blackburn, Ulla Hytti and Hans Landström (eds.) (2019) Rigour and Relevance in Entrepreneurship Research, Resources and Outcomes

Anthology XIII Ulla Hytti, Robert Blackburn and Eddy Laveren (eds.) (2018) Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education

Anthology XII Ulla Hytti, Robert Blackburn and Silke Tegtmeier (eds.) (2018) The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Context

Anthology XI Ulla Hytti, Robert Blackburn, Denise Fletcher and Friederike Welter (eds.) (2016) Entrepreneurship, Universities & Resources

Anthology X Robert Blackburn, Ulla Hytti, Friederike Welter (eds.) (2015) Context, Process and Gender in Entrepreneurship

Anthology IX Robert Blackburn, Frederic Delmar, Alain Fayolle, Friederike Welter (eds.) (2014) Entrepreneurship, People and Organisations

Anthology VIII Friederike Welter, Robert Blackburn, Elisabet Ljunggren and Bjørn Willy Åmo (eds.) (2013) Entrepreneurial Business and Society

Anthology VII Friederike Welter, David Smallbone and Anita Van Gils (eds.) (2012) Entrepreneurial Processes in a Changing Economy

Anthology VI Mario Raposo, David Smallbone, Károly Balaton and Lilla Hortoványi (eds.) (2011) Entrepreneurship, Growth and Economic Development

Anthology V David Smallbone, Joao Leitao, Mario Raposo, Friederike Welter (eds.) (2010) The Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship

Anthology IV David Smallbone, Hans Landstrom, Dylan Jones-Evans (eds.9) (2009) Entrepreneurship and Growth in Local, Regional and National Economies

Anthology III Hans Landstrom, Hans Crijns, Eddy Laveren, David Smallbone (eds.) (2008) Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Growth and Performance

Anthology II Luca Iandoli, Hans Landstrom and Mario Raffa (eds.) (2007) Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Local Development

Anthology I Poul Rind Christensen and Fleming Poulfelt (eds.) (2006) Managing Complexity and Change in SMEs

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ECSB Annual Report

ECSB Annual Report 2014


The annual Inter-RENT promotes the progression of selected RENT conference papers, in particular of younger researchers, into published articles, as well as developing the depth and understanding of a new topic each year.

The 8th Inter-RENT Online Publication “QUALITATIVE APPROACHES IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP RESEARCH” was launched at the RENT XXV Anniversary Conference in Bodø on November 2011. The editor of the publication is Ulla Hytti.
> Inter-RENT 2011 (PDF)

The 7th Inter-RENT Online Publication “CURRENT RESEARCH ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SMEMANAGEMENT” was again launched at the RENT Conference, wich was held in Maastricht on November 2010. The publication was edited by Matthias Fink and Isabella Hatak.
> Inter-RENT 2010 (PDF)

The 6th Inter-RENT Online Publication “FROM THE UNIVERSITY ENVIRONMENT TO ACADEMIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP” was officially launched at the RENT XXIII Conference in Budapest on November, 2009. The publication was edited by Tõnis Mets.
Inter-RENT 2009 (PDF)

The 5th Inter-RENT Online Publication “TECHNOLOGY-DRIVEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP: HOW TECHNOLOGY SHAPES THE WAY ENTREPRENEURS START AND RUN THEIR BUSINESSES” was officially launched at the RENT XXII Conference in Covilhã on November, 2008. The publication was edited by Luca Iandoli.
Inter-RENT 2008 (PDF)

The 4th Inter-RENT Online Publication “ENTREPRENEURSHIP: LEARNING AND NETWORKING” was officially launched at the RENT XXI Conference in Cardiff on November, 2007. The publication was edited by Olivier Torres.

> Inter-RENT 2007 (PDF)

The 3rd Inter-RENT Online Publication “DIVERSITY IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP” was officially launched at the RENT XX Conference in Brussels on November, 2006. The publication was edited by David Urbano.
> Inter-RENT 2006 (PDF)

The 2nd Inter-RENT Online Publication “CHALLENGES IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SME RESEARCH ” was officially launched at the RENT XIX Conference in Naples on November, 2005. The publication was edited by Friederike Welter.
Inter-RENT 2005 (PDF)

The 1st Inter-RENT Online Publication “NEW PERSPECTIVES ON FIRM GROWTH” was officially launched at the RENT XVIII Conference in Copenhagen on November, 2004. The publication was edited by by Thomas M. Cooney and Pasi Malinen.
Inter-RENT 2004 (PDF)