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Professional Development Workshop at RENT 2021
on 17 November 2021 between 2.00 pm and 6.15 pm

Venue: Turku School of Economics at University of Turku

Address: Rehtorinpellonkatu 3, 20500 Turku


Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) are part of the RENT pre-conference day programme since 2015. PDWs are workshops to share knowledge and expertise, and foster the practical, professional and intellectual skills of participants. PDWs deliver a high level of learning by giving the participants some clear ‘take-aways’. The format of a PDW is interactive. PDWs also promote networking among members who may not otherwise meet.

Participation in PDWs is free for RENT participants and ECSB members, but a registration is required. The following two PDWs will be organised art RENT 2021 Conference. See detailed information and the registration links below.

1. Women-only – added value for the entrepreneurship ecosystem? at 14:00-16:00

Organisers: Dr. J Martens, Dr. J. Alvarado-Valenzuela, I. Lucassen, MSc, Dr. S. Rossano-Rivero, Dr. I. Wakkee (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

In this workshop we discuss whether ‘women-only’ programs contribute to gender inclusivity or counteract it. We invite you to set up together a research agenda about the role of ‘women-only’ programs for the entrepreneurial ecosystems and the embeddedness of female and male entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial networks.

There has been increasing initiatives for female entrepreneurship and inclusiveness of European entrepreneurial ecosystems, so we explore along with other academics the long-term effects. In this interactive workshop -using statements, visual material and cue cards- we want to answer the questions: how can we inform and activate policy makers, entrepreneurship support programs and other stakeholders? And what is the role of research in stimulating social change towards inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems?

Participation is free for RENT participants but a registration is required.

More information and registration available on

Contact person: Jeanne Martens –

2. Developing Academic Scholarship and Self in Entrepreneurship: exploring/building professional authenticity through practice and identity at 16:15-18:15

Organisers: Dr. David Higgins (University of Liverpool), Dr. Deema Refai (University of Leeds) and Dr.Paul Jones (University of Swansea)


This proposed Professional Development Workshop (PDW) aims to use the lenses of identity and authenticity to deliberately surface, and reflexively engage with tensions between the universal and the unique, the social and the self.  The focus of this PDW is to recognise the shifting focus of scholarly professional development from a view of scholarship as an objectified set of procedures to be learnt by academics, towards the development of academics who nurture and craft procedures which they view integral to the environments in which they practice, and where they also function. A key element in such a perspective is the conceptualisation (and practice) of the relationship between development and identity. The PDW will explore this issue through the use of dramaturgical storytelling and self-reflexivity which involves a process of on-going mutual shaping between ourselves and our professional appearance.

Participation is free for RENT participants but a registration is required.

More information and registration available on  

Contact person: David Higgins –