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Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) are part of the RENT pre-conference day programme since 2015. PDWs are workshops to share knowledge and expertise, and foster the practical, professional and intellectual skills of participants.

RENT XXXVI pre-conference day on 16 November 2022 will host four PDWs. Participation in PDWs is free, but participants need to be ECSB members or registered for the RENT conference in order to join. PDWs have a maximum of 30 participants each.

Register by 9 November!

PDW Programme at the pre-conference day of RENT 2022 on 16 November 2022:

Venue: Congress Center Federico II, via Parthenope, Naples, Italy

Session 1
Growing up a community effectually Register
Session 2
Entrepreneurship by design: a pedagogy of making for entrepreneurial education Register
Session 3
Please make us whole again – a researcher wellbeing PDW Register
Session 4
Transforming entrepreneurship – transforming society? Register