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Pre-Conference Policy Forum -schedule of RENT2014 is now published with a theme “SME financing for innovation and growth”.

The objective is discuss how to ensure that SMEs can continue to innovate and grow as SMEs do not always have sufficient internal funds so that they have to obtain external financing either through an injection of equity capital or by obtaining a loan. However, the path to obtaining external financing is not always a smooth one. SMEs do have disadvantages over large enterprises as well as for the access to bank loans as for the potential to issue shares. This is due to information-asymmetry. In practice the problem of information-asymmetry can be reduced by implementing specific loan conditions and by asking guarantees. However, the provision of guarantees is limited. SMEs do have often difficulties to communicate credibly about their quality. SMEs are often insufficiently aware of the developments in the market and the available financing opportunities. In this workshop we will look at current trends in SME financing in Europe . We will look at the question if there still is a SME financing gap and how the access to SME financing may be facilitated by governmental authorities and the private sector.

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