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Post-Doctoral Workshop Attendants' Testimonials

Post-Doctoral Paper Development Workshop (previously Post-Doctoral Writing Workshop, PDWW) is an inspiring pre-conference workshop aimed at early career reseachers. Read below the positive experiences previous workshop attendants have had.

I found the PDWW very interesting and helpful. I got valuable feedback for my paper from both a junior and a senior researcher. We discussed interesting topics and I was able to broaden my scientific network. Michael Schleinkofer

Institute for Employment Research (IAB) of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) (Germany)

I very much appreciated the feedback I received during the workshop. It was very detailed, to the point and with great suggestions for improvement. I also enjoyed discussing the other participants’ topics and publishing strategies. The workshop together with the follow-up feedback loops is a great opportunity to speed up the publishing process and I can highly recommend participation. Lena Bernhofer

Tongji University Shanghai, searching for a job in Europe.

ECSB PDWW has been a great experience for me. I have received feedback for my work in progress from a well-known senior researcher and I have engaged in networking with peer researchers. I definitely recommended it! Russell Mathews

Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde University (UK)

The PDWW is a great opportunity to meet peers and share views on various topics of interest to early stage researchers. It is also a nice way to get to talk to some top-class scholars, perhaps working in your area, or specialized in a particular research methodology. In the big world of dog-eat-dog academia, small sized peer to peer development workshops like this one can be a nice way to trade experiences and acquire some key how-to-publish tip-offs from the top. Janice Byrne

IÉSEG School of Management (Paris, France)

I have found the whole process very informative as it opened my eyes to the diversity of feedback and its impact on writing practice. I have learned that feedback should provide a direction not solution and eventually I have to decide what to include. In other words it is not about the content but about how to find or keep my voice. Renata Osowska

Edinburgh Napier University (UK)

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to discuss my work in a friendly and supportive environment… I find the value of the PDWW in being able to discuss my work with much more experienced researchers. Interactions with peers were useful too. Stela Valchovska

University of Nottingham (UK)

It was so much helpful for me to join the ECSB Postdoctoral writing workshop in Luxembourg in 2014. I had a great impression on the professional organisation of the workshop, with follow-up track of progress to enhance the writing quality and speed up the publication. I enjoyed a lot the workshop and received very detailed feedbacks for my paper from both senior and peer reviewers. Besides, I had a chance to broaden my knowledge and expand my networking internationally. This is really an ideal opportunity for young researchers to participate. Hang Do

Kingston University (UK)

Few years ago I participated in the RENT Doctoral Workshop in Covilha. Overall, it was very useful and thought-provoking. But, needless to say, at that moment I wasn’t happy about every piece of advice I got. It meant more work that I believed was already well done. With that experience I believe my comments on Post-Doctoral Writing Workshop in Vilnius will be more convincing with a longer time distance, i.e. once I get my paper published. However, I was again happy that I took part in the Workshop as it was very supportive and condensed with straight-to-the-point discussions and comments both from the peers and senior researchers. I appreciate the opportunities to discuss my work outside my regular circle of colleagues and mentors. And PDWW provides the opportunity to engage with reputable scholars who are commonly on my list of references. I highly recommend this Workshop to all the researchers immediately after PhD completion related relief! Ruzica Simic

University of Zagreb (Croatia)