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E-Alerts on Latest News:

ICSB members receive E-Alerts with the latest breaking news from our affiliates worldwide. Click here to access the live ICSB Twitter Feed. Job Postings: ICSB members will be able to access the latest job postings from our affiliates and partner organizations.
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Subscription to “THE ICSB BULLETIN”

“The ICSB Bulletin“ is ICSB’s quarterly newsletter. The Bulletin includes information about membership activities, upcoming entrepreneurship conferences, calls for papers, issues relating to SME development in various parts of the world, special interest topics and more. Click here to read more.

Subscription to THE JSBM:

As the official journal of the ICSB, The Journal of Small Business Management (JSBM) is recognized as a primary instrument for projecting and supporting the goals and objectives of this organization, which include scholarly research and the free exchange of ideas. The journal, which is circulated quarterly in 60 countries around the world, is a leader in the field of small business research. All manuscripts should address research issues in a rigorous way using qualitative, quantitative or a combination of these techniques; however, JSBM encourages the incorporation of pragmatic advice for practitioners based on the research results. Click here to read more.

Annual World Conference:

The annual ICSB World Conference is held in June of each year, and hosted jointly with one of our affiliates. Past conferences have been held in cities such as Stockholm, Vienna, Washington, D.C., Strasbourg, Toronto, Sydney, San Francisco, Singapore, Naples and much more. The conference draws approximately 400 to 800 delegates from over 40 countries each year. ICSB members are granted special access and discounted rates. Click here to read more.

ICSB Membership Directory:

The ICSB Membership Directory is a comprehensive listing which provides contact information from all members around the world. The ICSB website has a members only area that allows each user to search for members and establish connections. Each member has their own unique profile in the members area that links to popular social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. The directory is restricted to ICSB members only. Click here to join today.

ICSB SME Global Calendar:

ICSB members will have access to our comprehensive SME Global Calendar listing all the upcoming conferences around the world. Click here to read more.

Global Research Series:

Members have access to join our latest research initiatives that will be disseminated by  ICSB as they are received. For example, in 2007, the ICSB research community and Dell Inc. embarked on a Global Technology Study. The study included a 12 country survey of small business owners and decision makers and a targeted survey of international small business researchers, practitioners, and consultants conducted by ICSB. Click here to visit the ICSB Exchange Blog.

Global Dialogue Series:

Similar to Global Research initiatives, the Global Dialog Series brings together experts from around the globe to discuss topics of importance to the ICSB community. Various global dialog topics are underway such as entrepreneurship education, social entrepreneurship, women leadership, and SME technology transfer. These topics are driven by ICSB members. Click here to read more.

Knowledge Center:

A one-stop shop for all of ICSB conference proceedings, white papers, innovative teaching resources, and experiential learning materials will be available to our members in the restricted members area of the website. ICSB plans to be the premier international depository of knowledge on small businesses and entrepreneurship. Our affiliates allow our members to gain access to an international perspective that is not available anywhere else. The Knowledge Center is currently in development with an aggressive launch date. ICSB is going back to its archives to make conference proceedings available online. Also, ICSB is partnering with a leading online video provider to be able to showcase business cases and material. We will make a major announcement soon with the initial launch.

International Doctoral Consortium Exchange Scholarships:

The International Exchange Program provides the opportunity for doctoral students to attend other affiliate doctoral consortiums.

Knowledge Links:

ICSB, having a global network of members, is able to identify resources of information we think will benefit other members that are not aware of it. For example, in 2007, The NFIB Research Foundation in the United States developed a comprehensive web site on Small Business research. The web site collected information from telephone surveys of small employers. New Poll data are added to eight times annually. These Knowledge Links identify these resources from around the world and are collected in one location for our members to learn about and access. Members will have access to the latest Knowledge Links.

Various Benefits Associated with Membership:

Various membership benefits are also available within affiliate organizations. (E.g., affiliate newsletters, events, research consortia).