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ECSB Webinar with Mauri Laukkanen on Causal mapping

Causal (aka cognitive) mapping methods provide an accessible approach to exploring social actors’, e.g., entrepreneurs’, knowledge and belief systems (mental models), known to significantly influence respective behaviours. The webinar is an introduction to the conceptual basis and methods of causal mapping, in particular comparative causal mapping (CCM) using CMAP3, a dedicated (free) CCM application. The […]

How to Publish in Entrepreneurship Journals with David Audretsch (SBEJ), Robert Blackburn (ISBJ) and Friederike Welter (ETP)

Journal publication is immensely important in academic careers. Whether you are an early career researcher or an established one, targeting the right journal is always an issue. Join us in this session with editors of leading entrepreneurship journals to find out how you can craft your manuscripts for increasing your publication chances. We have the […]

ECSB Webinar “Entrepreneurship by design: a pedagogy of making for entrepreneurial education”

Entrepreneurship by Design is a pedagogic approach to entrepreneurship education to help transform creative ideas and early-stage business concepts into viable products and services. The approach also helps designers, inventors, and developers adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to identify business opportunities when creating new products and technology solutions through a unique mix combining design and business […]

ECSB Webinar with Prof. Monder Ram: “Critical engagement in diversity and entrepreneurship: Insights from the Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship”


The seismic effects of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter and Brexit have exposed endemic racial inequalities in the UK. Policy responses are mixed but encouraging entrepreneurship amongst ethnic minority communities is likely to form part of the solution. For 20 years, the Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME) has operated at the intersection of […]