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PDW: Developing Responsible and Sustainable Innovations in Entrepreneurship Education – Introducing the Sandbox Approach

Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) are workshops to share knowledge and expertise and foster practical, professional and intellectual skills of participants. PDWs were included in the RENT pre-conference day programme for the first time in RENT XXIX in Zagreb 2015. The concept proved to be successful and PDWs have been part of the pre-conference day since […]

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PDW: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Innovative Teaching and Research Methodology for Experiential and Vicarious Learning about the Positive and Negative sides of Entrepreneurship

Organisers Dr. JuanFra Alvarado Valenzuela (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) Dr. Natalia Blagburn (Northumbria University) Dr. Jeanne Martens (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) Abstract This Professional Development Workshop will share educational practices that are relevant for the professional development of (prospective) entrepreneurs, with particular attention to university students. It aims to move beyond the traditional […]

1st Annual RENT Abstract Writing Workshop


Do you want to submit to RENT in Naples this year? And have you… already planned to submit, but need some feedback (especially if it is one of the first times that you submit to the RENT)? considered a submission, but are not sure whether your work is a good fit for the RENT? If […]

ECSB Pre-conference day at RENT 2022

Congress Center Federico II Via Partenope 36, Naples

ECSB offers various events on the pre-conference day of RENT 2022 Conference on 16 November 2022, in Naples, Italy. Participation in the events is free, but participants need to be ECSB members or registered for the RENT conference in order to join. The number of seats is limited and registration is required (see instructions below). […]

PDW: Assessing Multiple-enterprise Social Impacts and Stakeholder Values


In this 2.5 hour collaborative workshop "Assessing Multiple-enterprise Social Impacts and Stakeholder Values: The Benefits of a Human Capabilities Lens for Social Entrepreneurship", participants are introduced to the Human Capabilities Approach (HCA) as a multidimensional, people-centered framework for social impact negotiation and assessment. As an entrepreneurial tool, HCA provides a fertile ground for coordination among […]