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9th ENTIME conference and Zjazd Katedr Przedsiębiorczości I Innowa

Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdańsk University of Technology 79 Traugutta, Gdańsk

20 April 2022 – IV Annual Congres of the Entrepreneurship Departments of Polish Universities + 21-22 April 2022 – IX ENTIME Conference The 2022 Conference Main Theme is: Taming uncertainty in entrepreneurship Keynote speakers: Alain Fayolle (University of Cagliari) Francisco Liñán (Universidad de Sevilla) This conference is designed to bring together cutting-edge views of academics […]

5th Paper Development Seminar (5PDS)

University of Seville, Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences Av. Ramón y Cajal 1, Seville

The 5th edition of the Paper Development Seminar (5PDS) will be held in Seville, on April 25th-26th, 2022. Papers / proposals applying a process perspective to entrepreneurship are welcome. Call is open to any contributions analysing the entrepreneurial process, may they be conceptual or empirical and, in this latter case, using quantitative (ideally longitudinal, but […]

NCSB 2022 – 21st Nordic Conference on Small Business Research

University of Southern Denmark in Kolding Universitetsparken 1, Kolding

Since its inception in 1980 the NCSB conference has been a biannual event in the Nordic tradition characterized by an open atmosphere that encourages the exchange of ideas between researchers with research interests in the field of small business and entrepreneurship. The 2022 NCSB conference in Kolding, Denmark will continue this tradition and welcomes papers […]

IMES 2022: Plenary Lectures


A set of plenary lectures, where esteemed scholars from IMES related fields (Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability) will discuss selected aspects of the up-to-date research trends. Exploit the opportunity and learn from the gatekeepers of the field. Discuss with them the most recent research trends in IMES related fields. Lectures included in the programme: Jolanda Hessels: An […]

Granada International Doctoral Summer School in Entrepreneurship Research (GIDSSER)

Granada International Doctoral Summer School in Entrepreneurship Research (GIDSSER) will take place from 14th to 17th of June, 2022, in the beautiful city of Granada (Spain). This summer school aims to provide an opportunity for PhD students and researchers in entrepreneurship to expand their knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship as a societal phenomenon. Some of […]

Teaching Effectuation: from theory to pedagogy


There is a broad and rather optimistic view of entrepreneurship emerging from Scandinavia. One that embodies creation of all kinds of value. One that recognises the entrepreneurial trait as an intrinsic, very human quality, that allows both students and teachers to almost intuitively talk about effectual processes, changemaking and value creation. This perspective subsequently brings […]

ESU 2022

University of Seville, Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences Av. Ramón y Cajal 1, Seville

The Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences at the University of Seville (Spain) is very proud to organize the ESU 2022 Conference and Doctoral Programme from September 11 to 17, 2022. ESU 2022 is supported by the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB). The winners of the best-paper award (the first author of […]

7th Effectuation Conference

Naples Naples

After two years of COVID hiatus and a series of events in Japan, the 7th Effectuation Conference is scheduled for November 14th-15th, 2022 in Naples, Italy. The dates are right before the RENT XXXVI 2022 Conference (November 16th-18th, 2022, Naples, Italy) and the event co-organized with ECSB – European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. We […]

PDW: Assessing Multiple-enterprise Social Impacts and Stakeholder Values


In this 2.5 hour collaborative workshop "Assessing Multiple-enterprise Social Impacts and Stakeholder Values: The Benefits of a Human Capabilities Lens for Social Entrepreneurship", participants are introduced to the Human Capabilities Approach (HCA) as a multidimensional, people-centered framework for social impact negotiation and assessment. As an entrepreneurial tool, HCA provides a fertile ground for coordination among […]

Educator Workshop: Helping students launch sustainable entrepreneurial careers


In this ECSB co-branded educator workshop you will explore how you, as a teacher, can support your students in embarking upon their own sustainable careers. Drawing from his 25 years of experience in running and researching venture creation programmes, Professors Mats Lundqvist (Chalmers University of Technology) will give you valuable insights into the characteristics, challenges, […]