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Entrepreneurial Learning Ecosystems Forum

17 November 2021 at 12:00-18:00 in Turku, Finland

Entrepreneurial learning ecosystems enable continuous learning in entrepreneurship. They encompass learning that takes place in the formal education as well as outside it in informal and non-formal learning in companies and working life, third sector activities and in learner’s recreational activities. Different actors constituting the entrepreneurial ecosystem benefit from engaging in active dialogue and co-operation with one another. Co-operation enables creating versatile entrepreneurial learning environments and learning paths as well as joint educational programmes or courses.

The Forum is intended for all researchers, teachers and practitioners interested in entrepreneurial learning ecosystem development. The programme will give access to examples from Turku region and elsewhere in Finland. It will include opportunities to learn from good practices and site visits to local companies and learning environments. The programme will also include time for networking and interactive discussions.

The attendance fee is EUR 50 for RENT Conference delegates. The Conference organisers monitor closely the pandemic situation and adjust the form of the Conference (contact or virtual alternative) accordingly.

The Forum is organized in co-operation between The University of Turku (, The YES Network (, YES South-West Finland ( and the Scientific Association for Entrepreneurship Education (