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ECSB Co-Branded event: 4th Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development – EIRD 2016 Conference will be held in Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration on 28-29 June 2016.


Economically successful regions tend to be those with high levels of both entrepreneurship and innovation. Whilst this may be increasingly recognized, the nature of the processes and mechanisms involved are less clear. In this context, the conference will investigate the relationships between entrepreneurship [in its different forms], innovation and regional development. At the same time, regional development has a social as well as an economic dimension. As a consequence, the conference welcomes contributions that deal with social inclusion as well as economic development issues. The aim is to explore these issues both theoretically and practically. Good practice of public policy should be underpinned by sound theory, whilst conceptual development can at the same time benefit from practitioners’ experience. As a consequence, contributions from practitioners and policy makers as well as academics are encouraged, since one of the aims of the conference is to promote dialogue between these different groups. The focus will be on new member states of the European Union but experience from other countries is welcome if there are lessons which countries in the New Europe can benefit from being exposed to.

Contributors should send a 700 word structured abstract in English focusing on: i) the framework of the research (both empirically and/or in the literature), ii) research aim/question, iii) methods, iv) key contributions.

Selected papers will be considered for publication in the “Research in Economics and Business: Central and Eastern Europe” (Tallinn University of Technology,; “Economics and Management” (Kaunas University of Technology,; “Engineering Economics” (Kaunas University of Technology,; IF=0.871).


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