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Welcome to EE Explore on Unsettling Entrepreneurship Education!

The event will take place on Thursday 28th January 2021 from 16-17.30 (CET). The facilitators will be Karin Berglund, Ulla Hytti & Karen Verduijn.

The event will build on a recent Special Issue in Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy (EE&P), vol. 3, issue 3. A link to the SI

In this Special Issue, authors reflect on and resist the tendency to see students as consumers with the ‘right’ to take part in entrepreneurship education and to effectively shape their enterprising selves. The necessity to keep on reflecting on unsettling entrepreneurship education became apparent also through the ongoing present-day Covid-19 crisis, which suddenly changed the pedagogical scene and put forward the need to move our pedagogical aspirations of unsettling to a digital platform and online teaching. To frame the need for continuous reflection, we suggest that this crisis can teach us something as valuable as ‘standing still’, and can help us to reconsider what kind of entrepreneurial society we build together with our students via entrepreneurship education. Perhaps there is a need not to unsettle but rather ‘resettle’ society, and entrepreneurship education, into a new direction?

Registration deadline: Monday 25th January 2021 (by 11.30 pm CET)

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When registering, please indicate what you would like to bring and/or take from the workshop, thank you.