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The ECSB’s webinar series continues in winter 2019 in co-operation with ISBE. Participation is free for ECSB and ISBE members, but registration is required. Programme and registration links will be updated below.

3 April 2019 at 3.00 pm CET: "Mediation and moderation in SEM analysis: an example with national level data" by Francisco Liñán

In this seminar, we will present a detailed review of the empirical analysis carried out in our paper from 2013 [Liñán, F., Romero, I., & Fernández-Serrano, J. (2013). Necessity and opportunity entrepreneurship: The mediating effect of culture. Revista de Economía Mundial, 33, 21-47]. It analyses the role of income (measured as GDPpc) on the entrepreneurial activity rate (TEA rate and Opportunity/necessity ratio). It particularly considers the mediating role of cultural dimensions (Schwartz, 1994). Additionally, it considers the effect of culture on entrepreneurship, including a moderating role of GDPpc. The webinar will explain how these mediation and moderation analyses can be carried out and the interpretation of the results. 

Francisco Liñán is a Professor in Entrepreneurship and innovation at Anglia Ruskin University (United Kingdom), as well as Associate Professor at the University of Seville (Spain). Prof. Liñán research interests include entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial process and entrepreneurship education. His work has been published in journals such as International Small Business Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development or Small Business Economics. Prof. Liñán has participated in projects funded by the Spanish national government, EU and OECD. He is Research Editor at the Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy, Associate Editor at the Journal of Organizational Change Management, and Editorial Board Member at the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal. Prof. Liñán organizes the II Paper Development Seminar on “New Developments in Entrepreneurial Process Research”, to be held in Seville in April 2019.

10 May 2019 at 1.00 pm CEST: "Introduction to Intersectionality" by Angela Martinez Dy, Jenny K Rodriguez and Jennifer Agwunobi

Introduced by Dr Natalia Vershinina, Birmingham Business School & GEN Associate Chair – Events Development and Support


  • Dr Angela Martinez Dy, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Loughborough University London – Introduction to intersectionality theory
  • Dr Jenny K Rodriguez, Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies, The University of Manchester – Intersectionality in the study of organisations
  • Jennifer Agwunobi, Loughborough University London – Relationships between intersectionality, entrepreneurship and well-being

5 June 2019 at 3.00 pm CEST: "Doing narrative research in entrepreneurship" by Ulla Hytti

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