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ECSB hosts a webinar series in co-operation with ISBE. Participation is free for ECSB and ISBE members, but registration is required. Programme and registration links will be updated below.

5 February 2020 at 3:00 pm CET: "Experimental methods" by Prof. Basil Englis

This webinar focuses on the basics of experimental research design and the distinct advantages of experimental methods in making assertions about causality and in eliminating alternative explanations for research findings.  We will discuss the basics of

  • Experimental v. non-experimental design
  • Threats to internal and external validity
  • Causal inference
  • Factorial designs and interaction effects


Dr. Basil G. Englis, Ph.D. is the Richard Edgerton Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Management, Marketing and Creative Technologies Department in the Campbell School of Business at Berry College.  He is also a Research Fellow at the University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship. 

"Causal Mapping" with Professor Mauri Laukkanen, University of Eastern Finland - The webinar (originally scheduled to 31 March) has been postponed, new dates TBC

Causal (aka cognitive) mapping methods provide an accessible approach to exploring social actors’, e.g., entrepreneurs’, knowledge and belief systems (mental models), known to significantly influence respective behaviours. The webinar is an introduction to the conceptual basis and methods of causal mapping, in particular comparative causal mapping (CCM) using CMAP3, a dedicated (free) CCM application. The webinar’s topics are:

  • Conceptual underpinnings and methodological issues in causal mapping.
  • Main variants of causal mapping.
  • CCM in practice: data elicitation, processing and analysis using CMAP3.
  • Using CCM: revealing micro entrepreneurs’ and small business advisors’ core beliefs.
  • Potential research topic/types for CCM.

Mauri Laukkanen
is Professor emeritus at the University of Eastern Finland’s Business School, Kuopio Campus. He received his PhD (DBA) at the Helsinki School of Economics in 1989. He served at the HSE (now Aalto University Business School) and the Universities of Vaasa and Jyväskylä before UEF, where he contributed to founding the Department of Business/Business School and headed it in 1995-2002. His research and publications focus on entrepreneurship education and counselling, local economic development, managerial cognition and causal mapping methods, which he is currently using to understand the evolution of nascent micro entrepreneurs’ belief systems. He lives in Lahti, Finland.

29 April 2020 at 1:00 pm CEST: "Publishing for Gender and Entrepreneurship Scholars" with editors of journals

A rare opportunity to learn from three of the leading experts in the field of gender and entrepreneurship authorship and publishing.

Prof. Susan Marlow in her talk will focus on crafting a publication strategy – for this, she intends to explore differing forms of publications and how they fit into CVs [chapters, articles, conference papers]. She will then briefly discuss articles in terms of how to target the right journal, and finally will share her thoughts on what she looks for in an article for it to get through the desk reject stage.

Prof. Patricia Lewis in her talk will focus on publications and specifically discuss the notions of theoretical framing, theoretical contribution, what does joining a scholarly conversation mean, and will explain the strategy of aligning your article submission with a particular journal, all considered in relation to Gender, Work and Organization.

Prof. Ulla Hytti in her talk will focus on the her role as an Associate Editor of Journal of Small Business Management. Specifically in her talk she will focus on how to deal with an editor’s decision – whether it is “Revise and Resubmit” or a Rejection. She will also focus on the specifics of qualitative methodology-based articles, and what level of rigour Editors expect from this type of submission.

Examples (recordings) of previous webinars

Webinar Recordings

Webinar attendees receive the recording link after the webinar. ECSB members can also request webinar recordings by sending an email to

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Prof. Helle Neergaard: Doctoral Students – How to Successfully Complete Your Thesis
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Prof. Robert Blackburn: How to Get Published in an Academic Journal
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