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After a successful pilot programme in 2022, ECSB is pleased to now offer its Virtual Visiting Scholar Programme 2023.

The programme aims to support early career researchers to develop their research agenda by collaborating online with faculty, researchers, and networks at a selected host institution. With this virtual programme for its members, ECSB builds on its extensive global network to make visiting scholarships more accessible for early career researchers to contribute to academic career development, fostering individual and institutional ties and strengthening international collaborative research.

“The ECSB Visiting Scholar Programme allowed us the opportunity to collaborate with a scholar with expertise outside of our research team, and provided the opportunity to integrate a unique perspective and experience into our current research activities. The collaboration with our visiting ECSB scholar will extend beyond the duration of the programme as we develop publications and explore further research funding opportunities.”Dr. Breda Kenny, Munster Technological University, Host 2022

ECSB Virtual Visiting Scholar Programme is a great platform to connect and collaborate with leading academic institutions and researchers in entrepreneurship. The programme provides an opportunity for collaborative research and overall career development.”Dr. Mukesh. H. V., Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Visiting Scholar 2022

For detailed information on the programme including host and visitor requirements, please see

As a first step, we are inviting interested hosts to apply.

Hosts are required to be members of ECSB and complete the ECSB host application form to be considered for the Visiting Scholar Programme. After we have received the required information about all the virtual visiting scholar positions on offer from interested host institutions, we will open a call for early-career researchers to apply. ECSB will then facilitate a matching process between applying scholars and host institutions.

If you are interested to host an early-career scholar as part of ECSBs Virtual Visiting Scholar Programme, please complete the form below by 7 October 2022.