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The ECSB Research Blog disseminates and demonstrates the impact of our members’ research on the wider economy and community. It is envisaged that the blog will provide an outlet for short, interesting, current, and thought provoking content on how our research matters. The Blog is intended to inform, educate and enlighten readers with evidence of how current research in Entrepreneurship and Small business is having an impact.

The Blog is a free publishing forum for all ECSB members. If you are interested in publishing in the Blog, please send a text to Your text will be reviewed before acceptance. You can become a member of ECSB at

Content type: Content written for the ECSB Research Blog should be free of professional jargon and technical terms, light on references, but heavy on areas of research impact.

Topics of interest: Suggested topics of interest may include:
1. Research impact from authors’ stream of research
2. Industry engagement and collaboration for entrepreneurship research
3. Case study/project based evidence of research impact
4. Any other relevant topics of interest

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