European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Engaged entrepreneurship research in Europe

Dear member,

Welcome to the community of the ECSB!

I very warmly invite you to interact with us and benefit from the diverse opportunities our community offers to all ECSB members. Since more than 30 years, it is our continuous objective to provide you with top class offers that allow for a better understanding of entrepreneurship and SMEs.

ECSB is about people.

With an excellent membership-base of researchers and teachers throughout Europe, we are a community of junior and senior scholars that aims to include all voices to be responsive to the demands in our societies. ECSB allows for a passionate and lively discourse which you are kindly invited to be part of. This way you can broaden your networks and constantly find peers to share and discuss your ideas and work with.

High quality, relevance and impact  

ECSB aims at offering benefits to its members that are characterized by high quality, relevance and impact. It invites disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary work while being distinctive in its focus at the same time.

Our RENT Conference 

With a heritage of more than 30 years, the RENT Conference is the flagship offer to our community to meet up yearly to present and discuss your cutting edge research. This two-day event has the privilege to travel around Europe with excellent venues in a different European city every year. The RENT Conference is rounded off by a versatile pre-conference day with a Doctoral Consortium, a Post Doc Writing Workshop as well as a Policy Forum and a set of Professional Developing Workshops.

Our 3E Conference

Since 2013, the 3E – ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference has become our second signature event, dedicated to research on entrepreneurship education. Spread over the year, we host smaller events across Europe that allow for different local communities to attend as well. We supplement our offers by providing our early and mid-career scholars with a career mentoring programme.

Our web offers

And we also promote creating and spreading knowledge by our webinar series. Information can be gathered by consulting our constantly updated website and by receiving our quarterly newsletters. We are present at leading new media channels, such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter.

ECSB as a voluntary organization

The ECSB as a voluntary organization is continuously developed further by its Board of Directors that serves as the long-range planning and policy-making authority, by its Country Vice-Presidents who actively initiate local initiatives, and by its Fellows, recognized for their outstanding service to the field of entrepreneurship research and their work for ECSB. Moreover and in particular, ECSB is driven by the initiative and engagement of you, the members of the ECSB. Your ideas are very welcome, e.g. by suggesting proposals that would improve the operations of ECSB or by getting actively involved and organising an event, which has ECSB co-branding. Please feel free to contact me directly if you believe that I or ECSB can assist you in any such initiatives.

Create a better Europe with ECSB 

Europe is currently facing major political turbulences and economic cut downs in many countries. Further, nowadays, global markets change rapidly due to disruptive technologies entering the markets, characterized by buzz words, such as Digitization, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, or Advanced Robotics. Rapid changes can also happen due to drastic political changes which are difficult to predict. Research-informed knowledge and expertise are needed to guide entrepreneurs and SME’s through these times of changes on the global markets. Let the ECSB community together — as researchers, educators and business persons — make significant impact on creating an exciting and better world for tomorrow.

Yours sincerely,
Agnieszka Kurczewska
President of ECSB