European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Engaged entrepreneurship research in Europe

ECSB was officially inaugurated on 19 September 1988, with 162 members at that time. Professor Josef Mugler was its first president, heading the organisation from 1988 until 1991. Besides him, the first board consisted of Allan Gibb (UK), Dieter Ibielski (Germany), Jean-Jacques Obrecht (France) and Hans Jobst Pleitner (Switzerland) and country vice presidents for Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

ECSB Membership Directory from 1988 (PDF)

The First ECSB Flyer (PDF)

RENT 25th Anniversary Booklet

Presidents of ECSB

ECSB has had several Presidents in its history. Below is a list of all ECSB presidents in a chronological order.

List of ECSB Presidents

Professor Josef Mugler, Austria (1988-1991)
Professor Jean-Jacques Obrecht, France (1991-1993)
Professor Joop Vianen, Netherlands (1993-1995)
Professor Mike Scott, United Kingdom (1995-1997)
Professor José Mª Veciana, Spain (1997-1999)
Professor Hans Landström, Sweden (1999-2001)
Professor Hans Crijns, Belgium (2001-2003)
Professor Antti Paasio, Finland (2003-2005)
Professor David Smallbone, United Kingdom (2005-2007)
Professor Friederike Welter, Germany (2007-2009)
Professor Thomas M. Cooney, Ireland (2009-2011)
Professor Luca Iandoli, Italy (2011-2013)
Professor Helle Neergaard, Denmark (2013-2015)
Professor Robert Blackburn, United Kingdom (2015-2017)
Associate Professor Silke Tegtmeier, Denmark (2017-2019)
Professor Eddy Laveren, Belgium (2019-2021)
Professor Ulla Hytti, Finland (2021-2023)
Associate Professor Agnieszka Kurczewska, Poland (2023-2025)