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European Entrepreneurship Case Study Resource Centre (EECSRC)


ECSB provides its members access to European Entrepreneurship Cases as well as material on how to develop and teach with cases. The European Entrepreneurship Case Study Resource Centre (EECSRC) was established as part of a European Commission Call for Proposals entitled ‘Entrepreneurial Culture of Young People, and Entrepreneurship Education’ (ENT/CIP/09/E/N02S001).

Using active learning methods, such as case studies, is often more complex than traditional teaching methods. As a result, the European Entrepreneurial Case Study Resource Centre was developed to encourage and foster this approach to teaching by providing entrepreneurial case studies and resources to third level education facilitators throughout Europe. The library of case studies aids third level teachers who wish to use a more practice-based action-orientated approach to teaching, which also overcomes time and resource constraints that inhibit lecturers from producing their own case study material for instruction purposes. The European entrepreneurial case studies are freely available to entrepreneurship educators across Europe. The library resource ensures that third level educators can engage students in entrepreneurial thinking and business problem solving that are reflective of the environment in which students live and work.

Support for the EECSRC website has ended, but all case studies can be accessed through the link below.