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Postdoc in Entrepreneurship at Lund University - School of Economics and Management - DL 21 October 2022

The Entrepreneurship foundation in Lund announces a three-year postdoc stipend within entrepreneurship at the Department of Business Administration, Lund University School of Economics and Management.

The candidate will work and contribute within the research area “Entrepreneurial Education and Learning”, coordinated by Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship (SKJCE), Department of Business Administration, Lund University.

This research area departs from the observation that entrepreneurial education has emerged into a broad spectrum of learning objectives with large variations on the content that is delivered in the classroom and the learning outcomes that are expected. The post-doc project aims to contribute to the development of theoretical and empirical knowledge about teaching effectiveness contingent on pedagogical approaches and teaching methods. The project’s research activities are aimed at exploring what happens in the entrepreneurial classroom when different teaching methods are applied, and how different methods influence conceptual and experiential learning and the development of entrepreneurial competencies. The research project is connected to ongoing research at SKJCE and the researcher will be embedded in a network of researchers in Sweden and abroad.

We seek a candidate who is interested in developing this line of research of “Entrepreneurial Education and Learning” with a deep interest and specialization in entrepreneurial education studies. It will be up to the individual candidate to give form and content to the research project based on the theoretical and empirical interest of the candidate. As such, we are open to approaching the phenomenon of entrepreneurial education and learning from a variety of perspectives such as space, speed, temporality, and gender etc. It is meriting with experience of experimental research methods.

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