European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Engaged entrepreneurship research in Europe

The ECSB Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are forums for ECSB members who share an interest in the same topic. SIGs focus on both established and emerging topics within entrepreneuship research.

We expect that SIGs are active throughout the year and propose workshops, seminars and conferences to their communities. The events may be online, but minimum one physical meeting per year must be organized during the RENT or 3E Conference or another ECSB co-branded activity. It is possible that a SIG will be involved in co-organizing a conference track in the RENT Conference. We also ask that every SIG would make use of social media. The SIGs are organized and led by a group of ECSB members.

The ECSB Board want to renew the list of ECSB SIGs. If you are currently a member of ECSB and would like to propose a new Special Interest Group (SIG) or to renew an existing SIG, please complete the application form by September 25th, 2022.

The ECSB Board intends to select 2-4 SIGs to start during the RENT Conference in November 2022. Besides a name and a description of the topic, information must be provided regarding potential chair/co-chairs as well as suggestions for future activities.

Please complete the application form by September 25th, 2022.