European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Engaged entrepreneurship research in Europe

Special Committee Chairs

  • ECSB Doctoral Workshop: Martina Battisti, Natalia Vershinina and René Mauer
  • Mentoring early careers: Steffen Korsgaard
  • Mentoring mid careers: Silke Tegtmeier
  • Event fund working group: Sílvia Costa, Breda Kenny and Silke Tegtmeier
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs):
    • Conducting Experiments in Entrepreneurship Research SIG: Sílvia Costa, Arjan Frederiks and Silke Tegmeier
    • Entrepreneurship and Gender SIG: Natalia Vershinina, Gry Alsos and Helle Neergaard
    • Institutions and Entrepreneurship SIG: David Urbano and Jasna Pocek.