European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Engaged entrepreneurship research in Europe

3E Lueneburg – April 23-24 2015


 Conference theme: Entrepreneurship Education for Shaping the Civil Society of the 21st Century

Who should attend: Potential participants include entrepreneurship education researchers, research-based educators from both tertiary and secondary institutions as well as trainers and policy makers.


  • Web- and computer supported learning applications
  • Entrepreneurship education for non-business students
  • Entrepreneurship education evaluation
  • Pedagogical theories in entrepreneurship education
  • Entrepreneurial “classrooms”
  • Integrating social media in entrepreneurship education
  • Gender perspective in entrepreneurship education
  • Entrepreneurial universities
  • Student incubator initiatives
  • Entrepreneurship education policy
  • Learning philosophies in entrepreneurship education


Leaflet 3E Lüneburg 2015


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