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3E Conference

3E – ECSB Entrepreneurship Education 

The past decades have borne witness to a rapid increase in the offerings of entrepreneurship education across Europe. There is an explicit political agenda both at the national level and at the EU level to promote entrepreneurship education at all levels of the school system because policy makers expect that entrepreneurial skills to be the key to enhancing an innovative culture, which in turn will result in higher competitiveness and economic growth. However, in order to achieving these objectives it is important that educational systems and methods move from traditional to creative, interactive and student-centred educational models that will help change student mindset and prepare students for the challenges of the future.

Through an innovative and untraditional format, the 3E Conference (ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference) establishes a new paradigm for entrepreneurship conferences. It offers an exclusive and engaging opportunity for researchers, educators and politicians to debate and exchange their experiences of the major challenges and advances in enterprise education with a special and unique focus on Europe. Unlike more traditional academic events, the conference will focus on problems and questions rather than on ready-made solutions and presentations of research findings. There are no keynote speakers to tell us the way but we will pave it ourselves in a joint effort!

3E 2020 cancelled, 3E 2021 in Trondheim on 3-5 May 2021

3E 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19.
3E 2021 will be organised on 5-7 May 2021 in Trondheim, Norway. Visit

Instead of the 3E physical conference, ECSB and Engage will organise a series of online events – EE Explore – to  explore new, interactive formats online and experimenting with new, online tools. The events will be free for ECSB members!

Save the date!
First EE Explore event “Developing entrepreneurial mindsets through education” and will take place on the 24 September at 3 pm (CEST).