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Conference theme: Entrepreneurial Bridging – between learning, value-creation, and…

Entrepreneurship education started out by being very close to traditional entrepreneurship focusing on building skills for, or understanding different aspects of venture creation. Today, both “entrepreneurship” and “education” in “entrepreneurship education” have been broadened. Entrepreneurship now comprise value-creation far beyond only the business domain and education through entrepreneurship can be a didactical/pedagogical tool in any subject, adding new dimensions to more problem- and project-based types of learning. Therefore, entrepreneurship education is truly multi-disciplinary where scholars rooted in entrepreneurship and scholars rooted in education/learning need to collaborate to push the boundaries further. Based on this, we especially welcome contributions that aims to bridge the two fields, and we especially welcome scholars rooted in education/learning. We also welcome other forms of entrepreneurial bridging, where two or more sub-fields are bridged to create new value for entrepreneurship education.

There are two calls, one for Research Papers and the other for Practitioner Development Workshops – PDWs. Each author can appear in maximum of 2 abstracts/proposals. Regardless of the submission, the focus on questions, challenges and problems should be central throughout. All submitted proposals will be double blind peer-reviewed and feedback provided on submissions.

The submission deadline is 1 December 2018!


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