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Country Vice-Presidents

The role of Country VPs:

The position of ECSB Country Vice-President has been created to enable ECSB to reach out more effectively to its Members across every country in which it has a presence. The primary role of a Country VP is to act as the ECSB representative for that country and as an intermediary in terms of acting as a channel of communication between the Board and Members. The Country VP represents the views of national members of ECSB to the ECSB Board but also promotes the mission and vision of ECSB among national ECSB members.

The responsibilities of Country VPs:

  1. Being the representative of national ECSB members for the ECSB Board and notably maintaining a dialogue about how the organization can best meet their needs;
  2. Promoting the activities of ECSB at a national level, and taking steps to increase the notoriety and membership of ECSB at a national level (e.g., by stimulating academics to participate in ECSB conferences and other activities sponsored by ECSB);
  3. Taking steps to increase the membership of ECSB at a national level and to liaise with national organizations;
  4. Working in partnership with the ECSB Board by organizing national co-branded events with the ECSB within its mission (e.g., workshops, conferences, policy forums);
  5. Participating in two annual country VPs meetings (which can be online) and submitting an annual report of their activities to the Board, one month before the ECSB Board meeting in November.

The privileges of Country VPs:

  1. The recognition in the academic community on national and international level;
  2. The visibility as the Country VP in the ECSB communication channels;
  3. An Award for the most active Country VP handed at the RENT Conference each year.

The election process:

  1. The application consists of a short motivation letter where the candidate states his/her previous commitment to ECSB but also his/her planned contribution to ECSB. The application has to be supported by two other ECSB members, preferably from the country represented by the VP.
  2. The candidate for the position of Country VP has to be a member of ECSB when standing for the election.
  3. The selection of candidates for Country VPs is based on a majority of Board members and is subject to annual reconfirmation.

Current Country-VPs


Frank Janssen

Université Catholique de Louvain

Czech Republic

Jarmila Šebestová

Silesian University in Opava



Michael Breum Ramsgaard

VIA University College / Aarhus University


Pekka Stenholm

University of Turku


Kathleen Randerson

Audencia Business School


Verena Meyer

Leuphana University of Lüneburg


Therese Moylan

Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology


Francesca Cesaroni

University of Urbino Carlo Bo


Ruud Koopman

University of Twente


Iselin Kristine Mauseth Steira

Nord University



Julita Wasilczuk 

Gdańsk University of Technology


Cristina Díaz-Garcia

University of Castilla-La Mancha


Karin Wigger

Linköping University

United Kingdom 

Renata Osowska

Edinburgh Napier University